Carpal Tunnel Treatment Hand Brace.

A hand splint or wrist brace is a conservative carpal tunnel treatment.

There are typically three “levels” of carpal tunnel treatment.

Level 1: Most Conservative Carpal Tunnel Treatment

A doctor may recommend a patient wear a hand brace or splint at night. Rest, ice. stretching, and/or exercise may also be advised.  These are all easy and inexpensive and may provide relief to patients with mild, infrequent symptoms.  However, many patients still find that their carpal tunnel symptoms not only persist but get worse despite level 1 treatments.

Carpal tunnel treatment cortisone injection

An therapeutic injection of cortisone into the hand is a common conservative (non-surgical) treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Level 2: Moderately Conservative Carpal Tunnel Treatment

A doctor may administer a therapeutic injection or anti-inflammatory regimen.  A cortisone injection or steroid injection directly into the hand is a common treatment.  Alternatively a doctor may prescription anti-inflammatory medications be taken orally.  Such medications can be steroids or NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

The idea behind this carpal tunnel treatment is that there is inflammation in the carpal tunnel that is pressing on the median nerve and causing the numbness and/or pain.  If said inflammation can be calmed by way of an anti-inflammatory treatment then it should reduce the pressure on the nerve and alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms.

Recent clinical studies have found that the success rate for cortisone injections is relatively low.  While it can provide long-term relief for some patients, the majority of patients still require carpal tunnel surgery for long-term relief of symptoms.

Capal tunnel treatment - carpal tunnel surgery

Patient immediately after a carpal tunnel release procedure using CODA CTR – the least invasive procedure available.

Level 3: Surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment

A doctor or specialist will often recommended a carpal tunnel surgery when prior conservative treatments (levels #1 and #2) have failed to provide long-term relief of symptoms or when the patient has constant, severe symptoms or nerve damage.

The technical term for carpal tunnel surgery is a carpal tunnel release procedure. There are three different carpal tunnel release procedures on the market; Learn about carpal tunnel surgical procedures in the next section.

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